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Secure Call, Call Block-FaceCaller

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FaceCaller is a caller id filtering app that makes sure you make a secure call and block unwanted caller ID also identify unknown numbers with caller name and caller info. It works like a phone number tracker, mobile number locator and call blocker. 

Key Features
•Caller ID 
Secure call helps you to know who’s calling you and avoid unwanted calls like bills collectors, telemarketers and spam calls. Protect you provide you a secure call when you are getting incoming call.

•Call blocker- Blacklist
FaceCaller is a perfect call blocker, which can in stantly hang up on numbers on the blacklist. Just
add a number to the blacklist and we’ll do the rest,You will be notified of the call after we block it.

•SMS blocker -Junk SMS Folder
Smart SMS identify unknown text messages without internet access and block telemarketing SMS automatically. Use this secure call app to scan every unknown caller in the recent call history to secure your call. Replace your dialer and address book with this secure call app.

Download FaceCaller-Caller ID, makes it quick and easy to identify and block calls!

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